About Me

About Me



Who’s John?

I’m a software engineer located in RTP, North Carolina working for Cisco Systems, Inc.  I work on VNF solutions for packet core networks used by cellular carriers.  My relevant expertise is in:

  • Openstack
  • Linux
  • Java
  • Python
  • Shell Scripting

and I write about interesting things I come across working with those.  I also enjoy playing with all sorts of things in my (cough) spare time, so just about anything might turn up here if I think it’s interesting or worth sharing.

What’s with the name “Valko Land”?

This goes way back to high school marching band with my two sisters and me.  I guess we Valkos could be a spacey bunch and sometimes when we’d do something a bit “out there” our band director would ask if we were off in Valko land.  Well, years later when the .land gTLD became a thing it seemed a fitting place for my ramblings.

I must have more Valko, where can I find you?